28 July - 12 August 2021
My link to nature is the first most important thing in my creative life. It’s study is a bottomless source of inspiration, of regeneration  - of raw beauty. The lessons are all there to be learnt.

Organic Abstraction

I return to the contemplation of our planet at the start or at the end of all my cycles, working on the growth of my linearities, reflecting on the growth of my philosophies.  I have been going through a long phase of fascination for geological stone formations linked to the post-glacial period. That phase took its roots in my many trips to Finland and to New York city where much of the visible bedrock was shaped by ice. I called the first studies Erratics after rocks sculpted and transported millions of years in the heart of glaciers. These studies grew into a collection of important monumental panels. The Organics, Season of The Land, Strata, Scrawls, Barks  or Rivers of Heraclites series amongst others came to form my Organic Abstraction segment. Ultimately they led to the implementation of my actual forms, that marry post-tribal exploration and archaic cosmogonic symbols with my new found linearities. But furthermore I am exploring 3D print and virtual reality extensions. Nature and technology need to be embraced in order to transition towards our future.