Cadmium Black : Golan Rouzkhosh Gallery Paris & Mana Asseily

14 February - 23 March 2013

Benchmark  Inaugural Paris Exhibition in collaboration with Iranian Art dealer Golan Rouzkhosh + Lebanese Gallerist Mana Asseily in her MANART Rue de Cotte space in Bastille presenting FFF's Cadmium Black Panels produced at Le Cent  Workshops in Paris in in between 2012-2013.

CADMIUM BLACK alongside SEASONS OF THE SUN Series embody the artist's introduction to an Abstract Architectonic Cycle strongly inspired by Richter's textural Abstraction and Pollock-type intuitive Gestural Action Paint. An Energetic Liberation from Figuration following a decade experimenting sound.


Technique mixes Acrylic Cadmium Red Paint, Deep Black Natural Pigments and Children Glitter Gouache applied on Raw Canvas.  

Cadmium Black Panels are Part of Private Collections in Paris, London and in Mallorca.
Available Panels Consigned with Nouvelle Vague Artspaces Sotogrande Spain, Golan Rouzkhosh Gallery Bastille Paris, HMH Gallery Puerto Andratx Mallorca