Cheryl Gatward, UD MAGAZINE, January 4, 2020

Memorandum of the Unknown Path at the Royal Theatre of Marrakech - What is the main idea behind it ?

Memorandum of the Unknown Path triggers the necessary question of a return to the source. If ecology of the planet is the restoration of a natural world order, then ecology of the spirit is a restoration of a link to our millenary archaic selves. It stems from an urge to create a Wagnerian ‘Gesamtkunstwerk’, a total work of art.  To illuminate unseen stories, traces, through a Tolstoyan sense of time, weaving its wheels. Unwinding into unknown paths, tribal entanglement knotting Moroccan and Persian millenary cultures in a sufi-like dance of sacred fabrics and post-tribal symbols sourced in-between the Atlas mountains and the Sahara desert. To use air and space, shadow and light, sound and movement to free an ensemble of imaginary banners under the iconic dome of the Royal Theatre of Marrakech. A site specific  intervention mirroring Berber and Persian Bakhtiari cosmogonies held together by the baraka of raw camel wool, nomad tent elements turned into work of art. A circle of contemplation and meditation, a haven where different cultures can meet and reflect.