Sadyar Alyiev, Caliber Azerbaijan, March 14, 2023
         Today we are talking to prominent Iranian artist in exile Firouz FarmanFarmaian. He is currently based in Greece, but travels around the world in the search of new artistic ideas and impressions.
Ukrainian arts critic Alla Parkhomenko once said about Firouz FarmanFarmaian's work: "His painting is like meditation. A very original artist who skillfully combines a connection with ancestral roots and a cosmic, epochal vision of the world, the universe. This is evidenced by historical references and the scrupulously written authenticity of the characters described. The colour saturation is high, the palette is bright, which allows to reduce the emotional load of the viewer. It is noteworthy that in his paintings, the master provides rich food  for thought, so that everyone can interpret the work in their own way.  It is this ability that gives the right to call Firouz FamanFarmaian  multifaceted artist, a brilliant performer". It is worth mentioning that Alla Parkhomenko is also an exile from Ukraine and temporarily based in the UK, due to unbearable conditions in her hometown Mykolaiv.