Reverend Paul Gordon , Caravan Arts, Chicago, November 28, 2020

What are the issues and topics that most concern you at the moment that you are expressing through your art?


A burning sense of urgency, an quasi epidermic reaction to the ongoing antipodal radical worldwide tides, both materialist and-or religious, intuitively woke in me a need to express unitarian concepts, tools to help face the complexity of upcoming challenges. Robotisation of life, erosion of values (of education of the duty to memory) or multibillion new conquests such as meteorite mining and-or breakthrough science-forms such as terraforming or rewilding need to be attended. It is grand time to re-place contemporary artistic discourse as a nexus to positive change. I call it an ecology of the soul, paraphrasing Persian Philosopher Dariush Shayegan.


My last installation to date ‘Banners of the Unbannished’ (nominated to Jameel Prize 2020) is a monumental construct that emphasizes unity through the creation of imaginary tribal banners set in a sacred Sufi circle mirroring harmony.