The love of writing screenplays, directing-producing avant-garde film, experimental documentaries or underground music-videos is built-into Firouz FarmanFarmaian's DNA since his early black & white 8mm shorts. In this restless creative output, movement is center. His filmography is diverse and constantly evolving.


Comet On Fire Performance Music Video

Directed in collaboration with Veronique Faure

Produced by Veronique Faure.

Color, Sound 3:40' - 2013

Music by Firouz & The Renegades  'Comet On Fire'

Le Destin de Nathalie X ( 1998 - Jasmin Street Prods )

Firouz FarmanFarmaian's second Super 8mm short film.

Adapted from William Boyd's ' The destiny of Nathalie X and other short stories'.  With Julie Gilles, Selim Saoudi, Louis Assier de Pompignan, Teymour Farman-Farmaian and Paul-Emmanuel Kappe / DP - Paulo Bevillacqua / Lights - Cafer Ilhan /  1st Ass - Adel Ben Bella / Sound - Nicolas Lublin / Production - Philippe Assier de Pompignan / Music Courtesy of Booker T & the MG's.



Summer At The Caspian - Video Paintover

Super 8mm Ektachrome, Digital Layering, Pigments on Glass. 02:31' - 2016.

SoundScape Firouz FarmanFarmaian.

Sample 'Laila' Courtesy of Kourosh Yaghmaei.

Available - USB Signed Box Edition of 3























Dark Side Of The Masses

Installation - Los Barrios Art Center

Color, Sound 2.36' mn - 2016

Music by Playground  'Nightology'.

Nomadic Displacement ( TRACES ) 

Installation - Musée de Marrakech

Colour, Sound 3.02' mn- 2017

Music Courtesy of Hossein Omoumi 'Majesty'


Dark Matter Exhibition Video

Live Electro-Rock Performance - Barbate Art Center

Black & White, Sound 10.28' mn - 2016

Music by Firouz Farmanfarmaian ( Guitars ) , Daniel Jameson ( Keyboards ), Miguelito ( Electro ).

Blue Taxi To Paradise

Installation - Nando Argüelles Art Projects

Colour, Sound 3.30' mn-- May 2015

Sound Artist Rama Gottfried



Video Art - Blue Taxi to Paradise Installation

HD Digital, Color, Sound, 3.30 mn - 2015

Soundscape by Firouz FarmanFarmaian

Available - USB Edition of 3

A Brave New World Installation

Color, Sound 1.30' mn - 2015

We R The Nomads Agency

Music Courtesy of Arcade Fire ' Modern Man'.


Naturescape Installed Part I - Fallscape

Color, Sound 1.41' mn - 2015

We R The Nomads Agency

SoundScape by Firouz FarmanFarmaian